After reviewing an MRI of my neck, my orthopedist referred me to a neurosurgeon. Prior to taking that step, I made an appointment at Atlanta Total Wellness. The combination of the latest technology, professional knowledge and focused care that I have received by Dr. Dmitry and the staff of Atlanta Total Wellness has made surgery unnecessary. I plan to continue ensure my wellbeing through the continued benefits of their treatment, and recommend anyone with an interest in comprehensive care experience these benefits as well.

Bruce A. Clark
Jul 2, 2018

I cannot thank Dr. D and his staff for helping me recover from another back injury. I had previously injured my L5-S1 playing basketball last year (I was only 32 years old), then randomly playing tennis re-aggravated my back, to where I could barley lean forward (not easy with a new born). I went to see my back specialist that is affiliated with the Hawks and Falcons, and he recommended me to consider possible surgery or PT (aka little stretches and stuff that didn’t work). Dr. D was honest after his first assessment to give him 4-6 months to a full recovery, and literally right around 6 months, I am back to playing all my favorite sports (softball, tennis, golf, and mainly being active with my 1 year old). I couldn’t thank them enough, have already recommended 5 co-workers, and even they are completely satisfied!!!

David Whitson
Jul 2, 2018

I went to Dr. Dimitry in the summer after being involved in an automobile accident that totaled my car as a result of being T-boned on the right front passenger side of vehicle. As the weeks went by after the accident my neck progressively became more painful. I called Dr. Dimitry’s office to schedule an appointment, and I was able to see him immediately. From the very beginning Dr. Dimitry has patiently listened to my less than precise descriptions of my pain and has been able to address the exact areas where the pain was emanating from in my neck and back. Dr. Dimitry has been educated in the field of chiropractic medicine. Through years of practical application of the education he received he has honed his technique. But the thing that sets Dr. Dimitry apart is that he not only knows the science but he practices the art. It is that final element that doesn’t come through study or practice that makes him the exceptional doctor he is. Dr. Dimitry and his entire staff are warm, friendly, and professional. You should look no further than Atlanta Total Wellness and Dr. Dimitry if you are in need of chiropractic help.

MC Worth
Jul 2, 2018

I have been to a few chiropractors before but I have never had the care, treatment and attention that I get from Dr. Tannaz Modaresi. She is, hands down, one of the best in Atlanta. She takes time with her patients and I always leave feeling much better. Her staff is also very friendly and welcoming. The therapy treatments and adjustments have been a lifesaver for me and I owe it to Dr. T –

Maria P.
Jul 2, 2018

I first met Dr. Dmitry when I was having frequent headaches that lasted for weeks on end. No other medical doctor could help me. I was at my wits end. Within a couple of months, he cured my headaches and I became a huge fan of his. Last year I herniated two disks in my lower back and he worked his magic on me again with the decompression machine. Lo and behold, my back is back to normal and I have no pain in my lower back. I now am in a maintenance program that keeps me free of pain. I trust Dr. Dmitry completely and would recommend him to anyone, not just people in pain, but people who want to stay healthy and fit. He puts his patients first and is always ready and willing to help you.

Fain Denicke
Jul 2, 2018

I have been a patient of Dr D for a few years now and I swear I have had a better quality of life since! I stay healthier and less stressed when I get regular adjustments.Dr D and his staff are the best, I have been to others in the past but nothing compares to the level of care at Atlanta Total Wellness! You won’t be sorry, you will wish you went sooner!

Jul 2, 2018

The orthopedist said "operate now", my right arm was partially paralyzed, I am back lifting weights, working out and living my life.

Brian P.
Jul 4, 2018

After 20 years of dental practice I couldn't work with the pain in my neck and back. Dr. Dmitry and the Antalgic-Trak saved my career.

Dr. Tom B.
Jul 4, 2018

I couldn't walk 10 steps without pain. The surgeon said surgery was the only solution. After 8 weeks on the Antalgic-Trak with Dr. Dmitry, I am pain free and fully recovered. No surgery!

Tony M.
July 4, 2018