At Atlanta Total Wellness we have we have a friendly, well-trained staff that only has your health in mind.From the newest technology for disc decompression to the latest in nutritional supplements we focus our attention on helping you improve your health. Atlanta Total Wellness is truly CHIROPRACTIC & MORE….

Dmitry Sereda, D.C.

Dr. Dmitry as he likes to be called, graduated from Life University in 2001 at the top of his class. While attending Life University and for several years prior, Dr. Dmitry worked as a massage therapist in a large Chiropractic office in the Buckhead community of Atlanta. His years as a massage therapist proved to be invaluable and his massage skills helped him to develop excellent Chiropractic adjusting techniques. During his first year in practice as a new Chiropractor he realized that the Atlanta area had a need for a Chiropractic office that specialized in treating more severe patient cases such as herniated and bulging discs. He also recognized that newer technology had quite a bit to offer for patients who were failing to see results elsewhere. In 2005 he opened a rehabilitation facility and named it Atlanta Total Wellness, bringing technology such as spinal disc decompression & class IV MLS Robotic Cold Laser Systems. His mission and goal is to provide the highest quality treatment through the latest technology. As a new patient you will see very quickly that although no doctor can make you any promises, he has spared absolutely no expense to bring to you the tools required to provide what he hopes is a quick and long-lasting solution for your neu-ro-muskulo-skeletal needs. In short, Dr. Dmitry is truly CHIROPRACTIC & MORE…

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