Chiropractic Physiological Therapeutics is used within treatment of the musculoskeletal system to help relieve pain, improve mobility, restore health through therapeutic exercises, and restore bodily function.

Thru the use of therapeutic exercises and stretches that strengthen the body there are other scorces of treatments used to promote health. A few of these sources are ultrasound, heat, ice, electric muscle stimulation, massage and others. The exercise that you might do can include weight lifting, riding bikes, stretches, band and resistance training, and gait training. The goal of these procedures is to strengthen, align, increase mobility, and decrease pain.

As you are referred by your family doctor information on your progress is important to them. We keep them informed on your progress with reports sent to them at no charge to your or them. Having them understand your progress keeps them happy and they don’t have to worry.

Life is meant to be lived, and living it you should have fun. If there is pain involved and is limiting your ability to enjoy and have fun Chiropractic Physiological Therapeutics can help.