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Back to Golfing

I cannot thank Dr. D and his staff enough for what they did for me. I am a 25 year old ex college athlete who has been battling lower back issues for the last 7 years. I had been a patient at a Chiropractor back in my hometown but had not yet found one in Atlanta. When I threw out my back and spent two days on bedrest with an icepack strapped to my lower back, I wasn’t sure what I was going to do. I couldn’t move without experience agonizing pain and while trying to figure out a way to comfortable sit in my office chair, a coworker of mine recommended Dr. D and I decided that I would give him a shot. During my first visit he took x-rays and showed me how off my spine and hips were. After being a patient for the last 2 months I am back to golfing and enjoying the outdoors again. I am beyond grateful for what they have been able to do for me and would recommend anyone with back problems to give Dr. D and Atlanta Total Wellness a shot.

by Philip Lewis on Atlanta Total Wellness
Almost a neck problem cure

I have arthritis and disk degeneration in my neck. Specifically in the regions known as C4, C5, and C6. This is the result of a whiplash type neck injury I sustained many years ago. A contributing factor is also my age. (I am 62 years old).

I was scheduled for surgery (anterior discectomy with fusion). Not really wanting surgery, I heard about spinal decompression and Dr. Dmitry Sereda (Dr. “D”). The decompression therapy combined with Dr. D’s perfect adjustments have been like a cure. I no longer have a numbness in my left arm and hand and almost no neck pain. I also have almost full range of head motion. I have had 3 MRI’s, each showing significant improvement in my cervical vertebrae. Each treatment builds on the last and I continue to have improvement.

For those of you with this type of neck pain and problems, I highly recommend Dr. D!

Excellent Care

I am always impressed by the professional approach that Dr. Sereda exhibits during every visit. The equipment is top of the art, and the level of care is personal, professional, and effective. I always leave his office feeling renewed and ready for action.

The BEST Chiropractor in the world!

I have been a patient of Dr. Sereda for over10 years. After going to many different specialist and getting absolutely no help for my neck pain, I finally found a doctor who truly listened and helped me more then anyone can imagine! My pain is gone, and I am able to live my life without looking back! I recommend Atlanta Total Wellness to everybody, and beleive that there you will find your answers and get the best care imaginable. Once you are there you will understand why and will never go to another chiropractic office!

Thank you Doctor

I’d like to thank Dr. Sereda for his wonderful talent in diagnosing and curing my “incurable” illnesses.
Since a ski accident in 1998 I had been unsuccessfully trying to cure neck and hip pain. I tried various chiropractors, but none were able to provide any relief in my pain. Over the years I learned to just live with the pain.
I originally came to Dr. Sereda for a wrist problem. I had been diagnosed with bursitis, then carpal tunnel. I had seen three other doctors over a 5 month period of extensive and very expensive physiotherapy, yet despite the medications and therapy the pain had become worse with no end in sight. As an artist, being able to use my hand is critical – and I was at a point that I was unable to paint due to this severe pain. Thankfully, at that time a friend referred to me the Atlanta Wellness center.
On my first visit, after examining my hand and then my spine, Dr. Sereda demonstrated (to my surprise) that in addition to my wrist problem I also had very limited movement of my left leg. Dr. Sereda proceeded with an adjustment, and this quick procedure took away the back and hip pain I had been living with for 15 years. He took the time to explain that my hip joint and neck vertebrates sustained minor damage from my long ago ski accident and needed to be maintained in the proper alignment to prevent the pain coming back.
Dr. Sereda introduced me to the most innovative medical equipment, some of which cannot be found anywhere in Atlanta’s other chiropractic and physiotherapy offices. A laser therapy was used for my wrist and the pain I suffered with for over 6 months vanished in five brief sessions. My neck and lower back pain was treated with a unique apparatus for spinal decompression, relieving the disk pressure that causes my pain. This treatment was so successful for me I was able to avoid what had at one point seemed an unavoidable future surgery. I am also two inches taller than I was when we began!

From the minute I walk into The Atlanta Wellness Center, I always feel that every member of the team is attentive and there to assist me with my personal wellness plan. Appointments are often available on short note, and when emergencies have arisen I was able to get my treatment and pain relief immediately.. I know it was not always easy for the office personnel and the doctor to be so accommodating!
I cannot thank Dr. Sereda enough and I highly recommend the Atlanta Wellness Center for the high quality care and services they offer.

I highly recommend Dr. Sereda

I had just been told by an orthopedic office that I needed an epidural injection for my “severely arthritic ” neck. I am a medical doctor, and had been given about 5 minutes of time for this evaluation and recommendation. I was not comfortable with this therapy for a bulging cervical disk and just walked into Dr. Sereda’s office in desparation. It was his day off, but Dr. Sereda listened to my concerns and treated me for over an hour on that first day. I walked out feeling better after that 1 session than I had in months of out of pocket physical therapy. Dr. Sereda is awesome. He is so enthusiastic and confident in what he does, he loves helping others and he is motivated in achieving success. In a business driven medical community, Dr. Sereda is a true gem. 20 sessions later, I feel much better. I have the strength back in my arm, and I do not feel chronic neck and mid back pain. I highly recommend Dr. Sereda- Thank you for all of your help and time.


While playing golf, I hurt my shoulder months ago (almost a year). I suffered a lot with pain and discomfort and had the worse nights sleeping only on one side of my body, which ultimately started to hurt as well. I tinkered with surgery as suggested by some co-worker. Then, I decide to go see Dr Dmitry Sereda and “give it a chance” before getting a surgery. GREAT DECISION. After couple of months of therapy which includes Laser, adjustment, and physical, my pains are almost gone and my hand strength is back. I can almost do all the hand’s movement without pain and I can sleep on the side that use to hurt. One spot of my shoulder where a tear was diagoned is now pain free. Just one word for Dr D: THANKS.

by Anne Marie on Atlanta Total Wellness
Go, you won’t be sorry!

I went to see Dr. D in so much pain I thought there would be no end. He has not only corrected the problem, but he is attentive, and his staff is thorough, efficient, and friendly! Go, you won’t be sorry!

I have my life back

I went to Dr Dmitry with back pain and knee pain. My orthopedists told me that I had 2 herniated discs that required surgery. I found Dr. Dmitry to be very knowledgeable and he has lots of cool equipment. He used a traction machine called the Antalgic Trak and it really helped by back pain from the herniated discs. I’m now pain free and I didn’t have to have the surgery. He also has a robotic laser that he used on my knee which worked wonders after only 3 sessions. I would highly suggest his services to anyone who is in pain. Thanks to Dr. D I have my life back!

Great to adults & kids!

Dr.Sereda not only cares about you he also takes care of you ! He really listens to you and makes every effort to determine the best way to treat and control your physical problems. When you visit them, you never feel like just another name on the list. The staff is amazing as well! Always asking questions and following up with a phone call. This office is equipped with A LOT of different machines and lasers. It is an overall great chiropractic experience! Great to adults and kids!

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