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We Have More Than 11 years of Successful Experience in treating a variety of health problems, injuries and ailments. We always have one goal in mind and that is to address and correct the health issue that brought you to us and to help you achieve and maintain a healthy lifestyle. We do that through a variety of services and products we offer.

Our goal is to help people lead a more healthful lifestyle, free of discomfort, by removing the cause of their problems. Don’t live with the pain, discomfort or illness any longer. Make an appointment online here on our website of give us a call.

Dr. Dmitry Sereda, D.C.
Dmitry Sereda, D. C.
Board Certified Chiropractor, Specializing in Disc Rehabilitation

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Most major insurance plans accepted. Payment is expected as services are rendered unless prior financial arrangements have been made.  We also accept the following credit cards.

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