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Jul 26

Scoliosis & Chiropractic for Back to School

Its just about that time of year here in Georgia. The kids are enjoying the last weeks of their summer break. They’ve been beating up their bodies all summer long jumping in the pool and playing various sports. Soon they will be strapping those back packs on filled with heavy books. For those high school football players who have been attending rough practices the last few weeks, the bumps and bruises are starting to mount.

No doubt they have been so busy this summer that they probably have not been to see their chiropractor. Now is the time! Get the kids in to be checked out now before a small problem becomes much, much larger. Chiropractic care can keep high school athletes in peak condition to perform at their best. It could even help them keep their starting positions over kids who ignore their injuries and performance can suffer.

One major problem with school aged children is the greater number of kids developing scoliosis. Much of this can be attributed to the heavy back packs they carry. Regular chiropractic care can reverse scoliosis in young children however it becomes much more difficult as they get older, so get to your chiropractor now to have your child evaluated.

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